Fruits/Vegetable Defect Identification

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Human Accuracy

Point and Click Mobile and Cloud based Fruits/Vegetable Defect Identification

Stanford Trained Artificial Intelligence

Application of Deep Learning

Computer Based Image Recognition

Shrinkage, characterized by product that is purchased and then thrown away, is a multi-billion dollar problem in the U.S., with 100% loss of investment, and no recourse
Visual Impact
Machine Learning
 We shop with our eyes with the shape, size, gloss and vibrant color of a fruit/vegetable

Disease, defects, blemishes keep us away from a fruit/vegetable
Advanced deep neural net (patent pending) rates fruits/vegetables on a scale of 1-10
Rate Fruits/Vegetables
ntangle labs has now trained its advanced visual recogntion techology used to identify objects in videos to recognize defects in fruits / vegetables and rate on a scale from 1 to 10.

Scene Classification

Face Recognition

Full Text Recognition

Sunglasses recognition

eat healthy, fresh, good quality fruits / vegetables

More than   
•  3.2 million acres of fresh fruits and vegetables harvested every year
• 99.9 billion pounds of fresh fruits / vegetables consumed, per capita consumption 313 pounds  and growing
• growing awareness of the health benefits of fresh produce and greater year-round availability from rising imports